pookimain.jpgWhether your travel-time with kids consists of time spent in the carpool lane or a cross country jaunt, you know that planning entertainment for the ride is key. Woe to the parent without a surprise toy or two hidden in the car.

Finding the perfect goods to keep your smallest passengers entertained, however, is not always so easy. Unless you head to Madallie. This fabulous website is dedicated to items that specifically meet the needs of travelers with kids.

Almost everything they sell is sized and packaged for travel so you can indeed “take it with you”. From craft kits to card games, backpacks to buckwheat pillows and comfort dolls – there is something for kids of all ages. Don’t get stuck in rush hr traffic without a distraction! Stock up on the goodies before you go.

Pooki, ($25.95) pictured at left, is just one of hundreds of clever toys available from Madallie.com