There’s YouTube and Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Uploads and downloads and emails from sisters…  Do you ever feel like the more technology and services you aquire in an attempt to share your special moments, the harder it gets? How do you choose what to use? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the media sharing options out there.  And it’s easy to overwhelm friends and family with too many links.

That’s why we are loving ThisMoment to assemble  video clips, photos and notes into a beautiful multimedia presentation to share with friends and family far and near, and even to embed in your blog if you wish.  ThisMoment requires no purchase of expensive software and has no steep learning curve. It simply gives you a gorgeous platform for organizing and showcasing all your existing media, no matter where you have it stored. Pull your pictures off your PC or Flickr account, drag your YouTube videos into the slide show and stick in a link to the website of your favorite place to eat ice cream or a map of your home town. Putting together your story and creating a ThisMoment presentation is as easy as dragging, dropping and clicking. When you’ve completed the show, you can share it with your pals on Facebook and Twitter or email it to your mom. They’ll appreciate the nice “package” presentation of your story. Instead of multiple separate pictures, links, and video URLs to click through, they get one glossy, stylish presentation. Everyone will be  impressed by how totally together you are. Shhh…You don’t have to tell them how easy it was!

Here’s another reason to try out ThisMoment right now. Sign up and upload a picture or video from your favorite “Summer Moments” before August 7th and you will have a chance to win a Flip Mino camera and other prizes.

Here’s our Summer Moments Entry. Please click through and leave us feedback!