Travel through a major airport (and sometimes even a not-so-major one) and it’s highly likely you’ll see someone in uniform. Do you thank the soldier, Marine or other member of the military for their service to the country? Or is does it feel too awkward to approach a stranger? The Gratitude Campaign has a way to make it easier to always say thanks.

A guy named Scott Truitt came up with this idea in 2007. He’s another frequent flyer and, like me, said thanks when he could muster up the courage, but didn’t say it to every service member he passed in the terminal. And sometimes when he did say thanks, both he and the soldier felt a little awkward.

So he came up with a sign of gratitude, one that says “Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

Watch the video and see how easy it would be to say thanks to a soldier the next time you see one walking down the street, waiting at the gate at the terminal or anywhere you might run into a service member. Thanks to Traveling with Pets Mom for sharing this.

This isn’t about politics. It’s about appreciation.

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