We all know that vacations cost money, but did you realize that taking a family vacation can help teach little ones how to save?  Because kids always want special souvenirs on vacation, a family vacation can be a great opportunity to educate them on how saving money all year can result in some extra spending money.Every year, my family takes an annual trip to Walt Disney World.  As you can imagine, once we arrive, there are souvenirs everywhere you turn, and the kids always want something.  So, in my quest to teach them the value of money, my kids (ages two and four) use their “own” money to buy things.Each kid has a piggy bank where they save money all year long.  They earn coins for eating their dinner, helping with choirs, and other good behavior.  My daughter has especially gotten very good at asking Grandma, Grandpa, and Grammy for coins, and Great-Grandma even brings coins instead of other toys when she visits.Right before vacation, we take all of the coins to a Coinstar machine at a local grocery store.  While there are other coin-counting options that are free, I feel it’s important for my kids to see the coins actually turn into the dollars that they have to spend.  Once we arrive on vacation, they have their own money (held by me) to spend.  It really forces them to make decisions on what they want.  My daughter even decided to return one item that she’d just bought so that she could exchange it for another item!If your kids don’t earn enough coins on their own to really purchase souvenirs, you can always make sure they have more coins.  At a young age especially, the lesson really is seeing their savings all year turn into tangible items.  My kids are already looking forward to our trip next month when they can spend their savings from the year!Jodi Grundig reviews products for moms, babies, and children on Mom’s Favorite Stuff, and writes about her life at Multitasking Mommy.