If you are traveling with an infant or toddler, or just want to save money on your vacation, you may find that renting a vacation home is a better option for you.  With a rental home, you can have extra space with multiple bedrooms, prepare meals yourself to save money, and have more entertainment options.

During a vacation last year to New Hampshire, my family decided to take my mother in law along with us, so that we’d have help with the kids.   Renting a vacation home was a great way to save money and cut back our stress.

Why rent a vacation home? Here are just a few key reasons:

• Unlike hotels, vacation homes are often private and quiet, meaning that you won’t stress out about your kid’s crying and yelling


• Rental homes almost always include multiple bedrooms, so mom and dad won’t have to go to bed when the kids do

• Refrigerators, washer/driers, and microwaves are a great thing to have when vacationing with kids

Once you’ve decided to rent a house rather than book a hotel, you’ll need to find the perfect rental. The optimal way to do this is to find a home through someone you know, perhaps through workplace newsletters or a referral from a friend. If that option isn’t available, there are some easy to use websites, such as http://www.cyberrentals.com, which offer renters and homeowners a way to connect.

However, that there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind when finding the perfect vacation rental home :

• Before committing to a rental, make sure you understand all costs involved. Some homeowners charge cleaning fees or require a deposit, so ask what the total cost will be

• Find out what the rental includes. Some homeowners will require that you bring your own linens and towels, which can be a major inconvenience. Expect to bring your own portable playard, if necessary

• Learn about all policies in advance. Will you have to take your trash with you? Is there a cleaning service, or are you required to clean? Are you expected to wash all dishes and linens?

Once you are comfortable with a house that you’ve found, prepare to have a great vacation!  Shop for groceries, stock the fridge, and get ready to have fun!