luggageBack in 2007, before the world had ever experienced the now-reality of baggage fees, I traveled to Walt Disney World with my then 10 month old, and my 2-year old.  With two kids in diapers, along with jars of baby food, bottles, and formula that we needed, I knew we didn’t have enough room in our bags for everything.

So, I loaded everything up into a big box, and went to UPS and shipped it.  It cost $15, and was worth every penny.

Now that baggage fees are a reality, UPS has capitalized on this by offering a luggage box that you can pack up and ship directly to your destination.  It’s perfect for these items that you know you’ll need while you are there (especially those, like diapers and wipes, that won’t be coming home with you).

If you are going to need to ship the items back home, you’ll want to make sure there’s either a business center or UPS store nearby where you can bring the box for its return trip back.

What are your tips for saving money on baggage fees?


Photo credit: ttallis on Flickr