skyharborairportTraveling can be expensive.  Flight prices are constantly going up as airlines decrease flights per day, and you can drop a small fortune at your airport – even beyond the cost of the flight.  Here are some suggestions to save money at the airport, so you can spend the money on your family vacation!

Research parking options.  Some airports offer long-term parking lots, which are further away, but a lot cheaper.  You may also consider off-property lots.

Bring your own snacks. You can’t bring liquids through security, so you’ll need to purchase water and other drinks at the airport.  But, you can still bring snacks – protein bars, nuts, fresh fruit are great healthy travel snacks that will fill you up.

Try to carry on.  Depending on the airline, you can spend up to $50 round-trip to check a bag.  If you are a frequent traveler, consider investing in a high-quality carry-on bag that can carry loads of stuff.  I like the Zuca Pro, which is expensive but worthwhile if you travel frequently.  

Bring your own blanket/pillow/headphones:
Airlines are starting to charge for these, so bring your own to avoid those fees.  Instead of bringing a blanket, I prefer to wear a cashmere-blend pashmina, which I can use as a scarf or wrap but also as an ad-hoc blanket.  It’s more comfortable, and I can use it at my destination.


Any other tips for saving money at the airport?  Leave a comment!
Photo credit: Kevin Dooley on Flickr