Many families have dreams of a special vacation, whether it’s a cross-country drive, a European adventure, a tropical getaway, or something entirely different.  Saving for that type of once in a lifetime vacation can be a challenge however.  How can you incorporate saving for your dream vacation within your family budget?Many finance experts recommend that you “pay yourself first” and this is no exception!  Your first step should be to calculate a good estimate of what your vacation will cost.  Then, with your goal in mind, start your savings plan.I’d actually recommend opening a separate savings account for your dream vacation fund.  One option is the orange savings account from ING, which pays decent interest and doesn’t charge a fee.  Regardless of what you choose, make sure that the process of making deposits is easy, and that the money is separated from other savings you may have.Next, determine how much you can save.  Since the interest rates are relatively low, you can just determine when you want to go on vacation (i.e., how many months away), and how much you need.  With simple math, you can figure out approximately how much per month needs to be saved, and start putting that money away monthly, before paying any bills, or making any other purchases.  By keeping the money separate, you can be sure that you won’t use it for short-term goals, like an annual vacation or a moderate purchase.  This money should be for your dream vacation, not for a new car radiator or a flat screen television!In future posts, I’ll discuss how to motivate yourself to save!  Any suggestions on how to save?  Post them in the comments!