wienerdograceThe Wacky Wonderful Wienerdog World in Savannah: Okay, here’s the deal. You want to do something really crazy, really fun and really family oriented? Then check out the Wienerdog Races in Savannah, Georgia on October 2!Every year in coordination with a countrywide celebration of Oktoberfest, Savannah holds their annual Wienerdog Race Festival and Celebration. I guess it’s kind of a back-attack on Oktoberfest and everyone’s obsession with “brats” wherein Savannah, rather than eating the “wieners”, celebrates them with an entire festival dedicated to the Wiener Dog, that being the elongated, doe-eyed, delightful Dachshund. Actually, it really is a fundraiser for the Dachshund National Rescue of America organization. Whatever. Works for me.

But here’s the better deal. It’s not just for Wiener Dogs. Savannah is probably one of the most pet-friendly towns in the USA. There are tons of hotels and motels that are pet-friendly and even more exciting is that there are tons and tons of gorgeous, historical B & B’s in town that are pet-friendly. Not often to you run across a magnificently renovated and decorated B & B that will allow you to bring Baby Poops with you for your stay.

And it gets better. All of these facilities give you information of all activities in town that can include your Little Guy or Gal, (or Big Guy or Gal, depending on your choice of canine) AND restaurants that are pet-friendly! Can you imagine? Really, really. This is one town that will be on my destination list forever and ever.

The town itself provides public dog bowls in pristine public places like Troupe Square, Forsyth Park and Ellis Square. Mark Thomas, of the “delightfully quirky” Thunderbird Inn ( in downtown Savannah, put together 3-minute video, “Dog Days in Savannah”, to give you an idea of what the town is all about when it comes to pets and making Savannah the pet-friendliest town in America. You can view the video at .

Hope you check out the websites and better yet, check out Savannah. Give us a shout when you get back with your Wiener Dog Blue Ribbon! And remember, just say Arf!