passportsIn need of a passport for you or your kids? This Saturday, Sept. 17, is Passport Day in the United States, the one day a year you can apply for a passport at a Regional Passport Agency without having to make an appointment.

If you’re planning international travel, visit one of several Passport Agencies to apply for a passport to be created through standard processing, which takes about 4-6 weeks, or fork over an extra $60 for expedited processing, which takes 2-3 weeks. The U.S. government also reports that the agencies plan to offer passport-themed events for kids and adults on Saturday.

However, keep in mind that many of the agencies do not provide photography; you’ll have to bring in head shots yourself to be used on your passport.

Teresa J. Shaw covers Southeast Michigan for Traveling Mom. Visit her blog and follow her on Twitter at @TeresaShaw.