Now that my kids are older and I’m past the baby-proofing stage, I rarely check hotel rooms or other accommodations for safety violations. Maybe I never did. But I think I might start after hearing about a family who died in Aspen while staying in a vacation home over the Thanksgiving hotel.

The family had won the stay in a charity auction, according to the buzz on Twitter.The Colorado legislature is considering a bill that would require carbon monoxide detectors in new construction and other buildings, but we can’t rely on the government to save us from every potential harm.So when you’re planning your next family vacation, especially if you’re headed to a private home or small Bed and Breakfast, ask about the safety features of the house. You’ll already be asking how close the house is to the slopes, how many people it can sleep and a whole list of other must-knows. Does it have working smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and any other safety feature could turn out to the most important question on the list.