We were all a bit smug hanging out at the Crown Room in Atlanta, eating food from the well stocked choices they laid out, watching TV and basically enjoying our 2/12 hour layover.  Until, 50 minutes before take-off, my 8 y/o announces he left his Nintendo DS on the plane. Afraid to give in to another loss that week (I discovered while packing I had left my favorite and very flattering Miraclesuit hanging on the back of my bathroom door aboard the Disney Wonder), I ran to the Delta desk and convinced the agent to call our arrival gate.  Turns out they were HOLDING the DS!  The problem was that gate was one train and 4 stops away.  I would have to make it round trip in 20 minutes. With no time to check in with my already-stressed-out-from-too-much-airport-stuff-husband, I took off.I made it there and back IN TIME.  I found out later that my family was taking votes on whether to leave me or not if I did not make it.I need a vacation.