are-we-there-yetLet me start by saying Happy Memorial day to all my Traveling Moms! Have fun this week at your picnics, pool parties, barbecues and such. Me? I’m going to be on the road! yes I’m going to be on a 12 hour trip to North Carolina with my 2 overactive toddlers! I’m so looking forward to this trip (NOT!) Why would anyone leave the gorgeous Florida sunshine to go to NC? When everybody and their mama is flying, driving, boating down to Florida!

Well my husband is from NC and his parents still lives there. It’s been a while since they came down here and they want to see the kids and bla bla bla… Ok I’m not very happy about the trip but I had already decided to take one for the team so we’re going. The trick now is HOW DO YOU KEEP 2 TODDLERS IN A CAR SEAT FOR 12 HOURS? The same way I keep them in bed: in their sleep. We’re planning to head out around 9 o’clock at night so by the time they wake up in the morning we’ll be there or almost there.

While most people would prefer a long week end by the beach, for it’s quite the opposite. For me, the beach is my everyday thing, so different scenery like North Carolina is actually a good thing. I like the country, the river fishing, the mountain climbing, the cook outs, sweet tea that is actually sweet, people waving! LOL I never forget my first time in NC I was walking around with my husband and people would stick their head out the window and wave, I was like umh.. baby, why are the waving at me? He laughed and said, “Baby you are in NC. People actually talk to people and wave and say hello.” I thought they were just creepy but after a while I grew to like it, now I kinda look toward to the freindly/nosy neighbors *smile*

What’s your big plan for this Memorial Day weekend?