httpv://’s a roadtrip without RockNRoll?  Bohohoring that’s what.  The first thing Katja, My driving partner did before we tore, I mean drove, out of the parking lot in our Ford Fusion Hybrid, was futz around with the Sync feature so we could listen to her iPod in surround-sound.  The futzing took a while but before long, we were jamming to everything from Dinah Shore to Kanye on our way to our first stop: Cleveland.Luckily for us, our stayover in Cleveland coincided with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Week kick off.We had the thrill of meeting and interviewing Bootsy Collins, famed funk bassist, singer and songwriter and his wife, Patty Collins.  Humble, articulate and extremely cool, Bootsy told me why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a special place for him and a Must See for kids.