httpvh:// are are for girlfriends.  Remember those college trips?  Remember the fun, the freedom and non stop conversation?  I have rediscovered that fun thanks to a 3 day trip in a Ford Fusion Hybrid from Michigan to NYC with Katja Presnal.  It wasn’t exactly a walk on the wild side – instead of popping tops we tweeted and we wore our seatbelts the whole time.  But, just like back in the day, the conversation was constant, there were lots of laughs and even a little tension once or twice over directions and using the GPS (I told her I wanted to pack maps!).I drove from AZ to KY with my best friend Susan when I was at UofA.  We drove 24 hours straight (I never said it was a SMART roadtrip) and somewhere in Kansas at about 3am, Susan had me convincd that there was a UFO ahead. It was a bright inexplicable light that didn’t change size or color and looked like it was sitting on top of the road.  By the time we finally got close enough to see what it was, we were totally freaked out.  Turns out it was a combo of fatigue and a very flat Kansas landscape that caused our visions.  The bright light turned out to be just a car that eventually passed us.  We still laugh about that trip.Katja and I will laugh about this trip for a long time.  Maybe not about the part where she got a speeding ticket or when she got a parking ticket but will will laugh at being food drunk at CROP (the BEST restaurant I have ever been to), yelling at annoying teenagers at the Ramada, Big Bad Brad and the grunge-loving Gen Z?ers who loved the Fusion and kept calling me Mrs.Fun times.