You can be headed on vacation or just to work…you see them every day on the road and now, you can get your fill of bad drivers from your living room couch.  The Travel Channel has picked up a reality competition series that’s been a hit in other countries–a show that has motorists competing for the title of “worst driver”.  The American version is based on the overseas format, with some tweaks to fit the Travel Channel’s brand.  Each week on “The Streets of America: The Search for America’s Worst Driver”, bad drivers will compete in challenges in different cities. Travel Channel executives say they will be showcasing cities in the show, as well, as seen from the driver’s seat.  The format has been considered in the US before, with NBC making a pilot back in 2004.  However, some thought the show could appear to condone reckless driving.  I’m not sure what to think. Honestly, I believe most people get their driving habits from personal experiences.  So, when my husband gets behind the wheel and gets cut off by another driver, it’s his reaction that teaches our children how to handle road rage in the future. Or, when I answer my cell phone to talk to a friend while I’m driving them to gymnastics or band, I’m teaching them another lesson altogether. I would think there’s a certain value to a family sitting around together watching a show like this and possibly learning from it, not just the bad driving habits, but maybe a little about the cities they are driving through.  I just don’t want to be nominated to compete!