I woke up this morning with a strange rash all over my forearms.  I don’t know if it’s from the sheets or the bathroom towels or just plain stress, but no one else has it.  I think it must mean that it’s time to pack it in, hit the road and head for home.  We’ve had a lovely visit with family and I think all of us are ready to get back to our routines.  My daughter is ready to get back to school while my mother is anxious to get home and catch up on a week’s worth of “All My Children” plus an enormous amount of DVR’d shows.  I am looking forward to getting home and welcoming spring.  Even though I can’t keep anything green alive, I am planning to garden outside this year.  Every year I try to plant an herb garden but it either gets eaten by bugs or it withers up and dies.  I never remember to water and I don’t fertilize.  This year I vow to get outside, get my hands dirty and nurture those plants so that they may live and thrive. 




This road trip has had a few bumps but we couldn’t have asked for better weather.  The few days we were here were glorious.  It has been sunny, seventies and perfect.  Now it’s overcast and becoming humid due to the incoming storm.  We’re going to try to stay ahead of the weather.  I went to the pool yesterday with my daughter and we came back to the room to find my mother obsessively watching the weather channel.  “Gotta know what’s coming our way,” she said.  I thought to myself, it’s time; time to say goodbye to our strange and fleeting spring break, time to hit the road with the truckers and head south on 75 through Ohio to 80 through Pennsylvania then through New Jersey, New York and eventually to home.  We’re already in Pennsylvania and the scenery has changed to rolling hills and budding trees as far as the eye can see.  Connecticut awaits us and I find myself happy to be heading home.