So now that we’ve reached our destination and are in our crappy hotel, my mother and I are catching up on one of our favorite past times—shopping.  I have said that everything in Michigan is on sale.  Well, my mother has a few special places that she loves to frequent while in town for her bi-annual teeth cleaning.  One of the places she likes happens to be the dollar stores.  There must be a million of them here in Michigan and they all have different stuff.  Some are much nicer than others.  Some leave you feeling like you need to take a shower immediately upon exiting.  My mother complains bitterly about our “dollar” stores back in Connecticut.  Nothing there is one dollar and there is no selection of wares to be had.  She’s right, of course, but I remind her that we live in Fairfield County, Connecticut, an area known as “The Gold Coast”.  ‘Nuff said. 


I’ll be the first to admit that it feels good to buy the kids sand toys for this years beach adventures from a dollar store instead of going to Target back at home and spending six dollars for the same item.  Who doesn’t want to save a few bucks?  Thus far, I’ve accumulated the aforementioned sand toys as well as some Red Wings Hockey gear for my hockey obsessed husband (you’d understand if you were from Detroit) and some craft items for my crafty daughter.  Anything seems possible when you are in the dollar store.  The little shopping voice in my head says, “basket-weaving?  Sure I could take that up in my spare time.  I’ll just pick up some of those beautiful reeds and this book on how to basket-weave and get right on it”.  After all it’s just a buck, right?



Later this afternoon my mother and I parted ways.  I went out to have lunch and visit with family and she went off to have her dentist appointment and shop on her own.  We met up at the end of the day in our crappy hotel room.  I had a lovely time with my cousin, Char and mother-in-law, Char for lunch and then dinner with both my in-laws so they could visit with me and the grandkids.  My daughter asked for a sleepover and her doting grandparents obliged giving me a much needed break with only one kid.  My mother filled me in on her day.  She had her teeth cleaned (she got an A+ for dental hygiene) and then told me about her visit to the bulk foods store for some Jelly Bellies.  Apparently, she and her sister are Jelly Belly aficionados.  Her sister had told her what flavors she liked before she left so my mother figured she’d surprise her with a bunch and divvy up the loot between them on her next visit to see her sister.  So, she bought one large bag of shared flavors for $7.99 a pound and then decided she’d get herself some of the other flavors that she liked which turned into another large bag for $7.99 a pound.  Well, how much could jelly beans cost?  My mother ended up spending $52.00 on Jelly Bellies!  So much for saving money at the dollar store!