We finally pulled into Michigan yesterday evening at about 4:30 in the afternoon.  My poor son, who had been restrained in his car seat for the better part of 5 hours, was at his wits end and was howling (and I do mean howling with the wild abandon of a wolf) at the top of his lungs.  There was no placating him anymore.  No game or snack or funny face was going to make him happy.  He was DONE.  He wanted out and he wanted to RUN.  We pulled into our very pink hotel and I checked us in. 

This was the first trip I’ve taken using the advice, reviews and booking services of Hotels.com.  I swear I will never again believe the reviews from the people on the site.  THIS HOTEL IS A DUMP.  I’ve stayed in finer hotels in India.  I had expected what the reviewers had said: 4.3-4.5 out of 5.  Most everyone had good things to say about the place except for a few dings by people here and there.  I knew there was a pool and that it was close to my family we’d be visiting and not too far from my mother’s dentist.  DONE…book it.  Now I want to un-book it. 



We noticed upon entering that the hallway was rather warm.  I figured it was just the sunny day plus no open windows.  We then arrived at our room, opened the door and was greeted with a blast of hot air.  (Now remember this is Michigan in April and it had just snowed a few days before.)  I immediately went for the thermostat only to discover that it was set it 59 degrees.  Okay, I thought, someone tried that.  I sent my mother over to the window to see if it would open.  After a great struggle she managed to open up one side of the window 3 inches.  It wouldn’t open any further and we haven’t closed it since.  The reviewers said that this hotel had been renovated.  Our bathroom had been renovated (thank GOD!) but the rest of the room was straight out of 1969–wall plugs, thermostat and all.  Every time I tried to plug in my cell phone to charge it the plug seemed to spit it back out as if saying, “Don’t give me no-new fangled technology”.  It literally would slide right out.  It took me most of the night trying out various yellowed wall plugs to find one that would hold the phone plug.  I finally wedged my daughter’s rollaway bed next to the plug so it wouldn’t fall out.  I have been having nightmares about hotel fires and antiquated electrical wiring since then.      


We threw our stuff into the room, refrigerated anything that might melt due to the intense heat and headed out to get some dinner in the restaurant on site.  It was a slow night in the dining room and now I think I know why.  My daughter and mother went to the pool for a swim after dinner while I stayed with my son using the excuse of work.  They were gone less than 20 minutes.  My daughter came back with diarrhea.  Wait, it gets better.  Now I have it too!  I am blaming the restaurant.  My son has gone through many more diapers than usual today and has blown through a pair of pants.  The only one seemingly unaffected is my mother.  I am trying to remember what she ate.