Long road trips can be a necessity of parents’ lives, but they are also waring on kids and adults alike. This past week, on an especially long trip, we found it necessary to make several stops for food, diaper changes and baby feedings. In the process, we had an “Aha!” moment.


I was sitting in the passenger seat, boppy pillow firmly placed around my waist and baby firmly attached to – ah, well, you know – and in the backseat out toddler was getting restless. We had just eaten and taken a restroom break, and she had had a good, long nap, but had had enough of the car. Since we had parked in a church parking lot on an empty side street (and it wasn’t Sunday), my husband decided to let our daughter out to run.

And run she did! While I watched from the heated comfort of the car, my husband and our daughter ran around the yard, chasing each other and having a good time. Finally, when our son was done eating and our daughter had worn herself out, we all returned to our seats and resumed our trip home.



Now, every time we have a long car trip, we make a point of stopping somewhere – a grassy spot, a park, a playground or even just an empty parking lot – and letting the kids run. It’s amazing w