Rip anything lately? Can’t say that I have. I am almost ashamed to fess up that I have dusty collection of 300 hundred some-odd CD’s that have not gotten any love in years. Sure I ripped twenty or thirty CD’s when I first got my ipod. But I have four kids and peeing alone is a luxury in my life. I don’t have time to rip 300 CD’s. So I end up repurchasing music I already own. I’m going broke 99 cents at a time because I cannot live without Bob Marley on a balmy evening and I have no time to dig out my Legend CD, and wait for it to load.

There is a solution to my problem of course. A couple of companies have popped up that will rip your entire collection for you. You send them the CD’s and for as little as 79 cents a disk they send back digitized versions, ready to be used with your MP3 player of choice.

Check out RipStyles, Pickled Productions, and Get Digital for more info.

I’m looking forward to finally getting the dust off my music collection and hitting the road with the full library at my disposal.