aaronCaresWhen my family travels to Walt Disney World (as we do frequently) we don’t bring car seats with us, since we never rent a car.  But, with two little ones, I want them to be safe and secure on the plane.  That’s why I decided to purchase a CARES, which allows for kids to be safely secured on an airplane without a car seat.

CARES is an FAA approved harness-type child safety device to be used on airplanes.  It was created by a grandmother, is very easily installed, doesn’t affect the functionality of any of the seats (they can be reclined, tray tables do work, etc), and is extremely portable and lightweight (only 1 lb)!  CARES has been approved for use in aircrafts, for all phases of flight (takeoff, cruising, and landing).  It so easy to just put in your carry-on bag, installs very quickly, and doesn’t impact the use of any of the seats around them.  The passenger behind your child will still be able to use their tray, and the passenger in front of your child will be able to recline their seat.  Your child will be safe in their seat, with very limited hassle on your part. 

If you buy a CARES, you’ll definitely attract lots of attention on the flight – every parent will want to know where you got it from.  We even had flight attendents asking about it.  It definitely saves you time and hassle at the airport – no car seat to lug through the terminal.  Even if you need a car seat at your destination, you can check the car seat and carry the CARES which is so much easier, especially if you have a layover!

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