journal(2007) The longer I put off reuniting with my friends, the more disconnected I become. I lose myself in all that I love to do: take care of my family, work, volunteer, exercise. All the things I enjoy start to lose luster and appeal. 

I have lots of acquaintances in my town, and several whom I would call friends. However, there is no one I have real history with, no one who will roll their eyes at me when I start to pontificate, or drone on about religion or the universe.

Last year I volunteered for a local project that had a history of issues, typical PTA stuff – women who needed recognition, control and women who were just a pain in the ass. The woman I convinced to direct the project asked me if I had thick skin. Never tested that so I said probably, but, I have a lot of really good friends – they just don’t live here. So if I am not invited to some local tea parties – I would not be ruined. A freeing attitude but not enough to free me from wanting to have that deeper connection close by.


Being a travelingmom includes traveling to see friends who remind me who I am outside of my daily box. I was reminded of this when my very good friend from 8th grade came for a visit. We chatted up every minute at every opportunity. The opportunities were not always available b/c our time together was shared with the rest of my family who regards her as an aunt. I cherish the time she spends with my kids but I realized I also cherish and need my time with her – alone. My goal for 2007/08 is to find a place for the two of us to meet for a weekend that (1) I can afford and (2) her back can handle. I liken it to tagging up at home base. (I’ve attended so many baseball and softball games lately all my analogies have some bat or ball metaphor). She is a refreshing reminder that I have dimension and depth – there is more to me than family, work, volunteering and exercise. My “historical” friends are my home base and there’s no place like home.