rainIt is cold outside.  The kids have been struggling with school and you have been struggling just making school lunches that even resemble something healthy.  The sky is gray and clouds overhead.  But in those clouds you see your silver lining.  It is just a few days until you all pack up and jet off for a dream vacation in paradise.

You plan.  You save.  You spend weeks preparing.  And now it is finally your day.  You pick up your bags and walk out of the house taking one last look around to make sure every detail care of. Did you unplug the coffee maker? Lights set to go on and off on a timer?  Check.  Next stop…Paradise.

Our trip involved three airplane changes and 18 hours of traveling before finally arriving at the beautiful resort with no doors. Everything was open because it’s never cold enough to need doors.  We checked in and went to our room to change into our swimsuits.  As we headed out to the pool it happened.  It started to rain.  And then it continued.  It rained all afternoon and into the night. No big deal – we played in the game room, explored around the resort and went to sleep early since it had been such a long day.  That night it seemed to rain harder.

The next day we had fun splashing around in the puddles and enjoyed the buffets as it continued to sprinkle throughout the day.  We weren’t that bummed because even though it was raining it was still warm rain.


The next day it rained harder.

The next day the German family in the bungalow next to us, who were apparently waiting until the rain stopped to come out and play, began a very loud discussion on the terrible time they were having.

Fortunately for us we were there for two weeks and the rain finally let up on the fourth day but not everyone at the resort had the same luxury or the same temperance for a rainy day. 

The resort itself was lovely and was fairly represented on the brochure and website.  The only thing was that just outside of the resort was the actual reality of life in the Caribbean.  Small shanty homes that have been beaten up by hurricanes.  Goats roaming freely.  And “How can they stay in business?”-looking shops that sell cold beers and barbeque – sometimes.

The realities of Paradise are not always as beautiful and pristine as depicted on the television shows of the 80’s Fantasy Island and the Love Boat.  Even still the all-Inclusive resort in a tropical locale is a great way to unwind and relax with the family.  As long as the kids have plenty to do in the event of rain.