My own experience as a traveling, working mother of young kids helped me realize how hard it is to leave the kids, even if that break is really needed. And it can be just as hard to travel with them. I am convinced that the more prepared we can be, the more we can enjoy our travel experience.

In starting travelingmom.com, my initial motivation was to create a solid, income-producing reason to travel the world with my children (or at least be prepared to do so if the opportunity presented itself) and share my experiences with other moms. However, I have realized over time that the core of what I hope to accomplish with tmom is to lend some support to mothers, period. Support in the form of detailed information about a destination (Destinations); information about airlines and their kiddie amenities (Solutions); a place to ask other moms questions (Community); and travel stories we can relate to (Travel Tales). In addition to providing practical travel information, I am posting a personal journal that details my journey as a traveling mom. I admit that I provide more ambivalence than answers. I leave the problem solving to “Dr. Cathy” (Dr. Cathy) and simply share what challenges I face each week. I look forward to your commentary as well.