Public TransportationWhen I traveled through Latin America, I booked over 330 bus hours. You couldn’t pay me enough to take a long bus ride anywhere these days. However, I absolutely adore local public transportation; in moderation, of course. And, in Costa Rica, you can get anywhere on a bus.  To me this is the true traveler’s experience. You get to see sights that you would never venture off to – in a safe environment. Plus the eye candy of the locals living daily lives is such a treat.If you are with a child (who’s concentration span is no greater than 30 minutes) don’t let that stop you — especially for short distances.  In the greater San Jose area the buses are more or less in decent shape, none of that chicken bus craziness, but it’s still a lot of fun.Even though San Jose public transport is fun, the people there are more cosmopolitan and don’t really give you a peak into their real behind-the-scenes life. My recommendation: Hop on a bus in one of the smaller villages you’re visiting. Here the buses follow more of that mythical chicken bus cliche with horrible shocks and dusty roads as locals crowd on.  You and your family will get a kick out of it.Marina K. Villatoro lives in Costa Rica and loves to help people plan their travel experiences. Travel Experta is where she writes all about traveling and living in Central America!