hurricane1The end of last week brought a flurry of activity to our house. No, not because of school or Labor Day weekend but because Hurricane Earl was heading towards New England and it looked like Rhode Island was going to be one of its victims.

Although many of us know the negative impacts a natural disaster can have, we found that it can also be a lesson in family team building.  Although the children are only 4 and 6, there are many ways they can help:

They helped ‘batten down the hatches by helping daddy prepare outdoors. They helped put the toys into the garage, remove the hanging plants from the porch, fold the deck chairs and store them in the shed and also pushed the grill to the more sheltered corner of the deck.

hurricane2They helped mommy make sure all of the windows were tightly latched, reviewed the emergency kit to ensure the flashlights all had working batteries, filled containers and freezer bags with water, made sure their favorite non-perishable foods were in stock.


We kept showing them the radar, watched the Weather channel and tried to teach them about Hurricanes and remind them about both the beauty and power of Mother nature.

Luckily, the storm weakened, veered a bit East and spared us a direct hit of a strong Hurricane.