TravelingMom’s Blog Ethics

At TravelingMom, we take pride in distinguishing ourselves within the blogging community by adhering to a high standard of professional guidelines. Our blogging moms write about travel, whether it’s fantasizing about, planning for, returning from, or shopping for a trip. For our readers, it’s all about juggling their all-too-hectic schedules. They want to know they’re not alone. And they also want advice for dealing with everyday situations.

We review products and destinations with a mom’s eye view.  We want to tell our readers about the best products, services and destinations for traveling moms and their families.  Our job is to make trips easier for moms by providing them with relevant information before they go.  Please send your story pitches, press trip invitations and products review to

Below are our guidelines, designed to ensure all posts are appropriate and professional:

  • Rating/reviewing: Our reviews will be honest and professional. Criticism will be factual, accurate and constructive. Rants and disparaging comments are not acceptable. We don’t seek to build traffic at the expense of others.
  • Full disclosure: Some of the products and destinations we review are provided to us an no charge or at a reduces price.  The intergrity of our reviews is based on what we experience, not how much we paid for it.  We expect tha ti fwe hav received exemplary service with a travel provider, that our readers should expect the very same treatment.  Reviews of products are not guaranteed and samples will not be returned.
  • Respect: We will respect those who comment upon our posts, but reserve the right to remove any comments that are over the top.
  • Civility: We do not tolerate vulgar or uncivil language in our blog posts or comments.
  • In our name: We will not use an alias or pseudonym to comment or to argue with others who comment on our blog.
  • Links: If we write about a place, person, company or product that has a Web site, we will do our best to link to it in the text.



Please contact for ad and sponsorship prices.  TravelingMom is also an effective vechicle for promoting products to moms 25-54 who have kids of all ages.  Contests and surveys are successful ways to engage TMOM readers.

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Kim Orlando, Founder, TravelingMom
Cindy Richard, Editor, TravelingMom