powerstripOne of my biggest hotel room pet peeves (besides unclean bathrooms and lacking water pressure) is the power outlets – or lack thereof. Ever try to plug in your laptop and charge your cell phone while watching TV in bed?

It’s nearly impossible; not only is there just one outlet by the bed, but it is already at capacity with the nightstand lamp and alarm clock. Unless you want to sit in the dark, you have to plug everything into the only other available outlet – conveniently located across the room – and then get up and unplug it or try to remember to pack it with you when you check out.

A simple solution: bring your own power strip. Not only does it come in handy at airport gates, which are notorious for not having enough power to keep the brigades of people toting and recharging laptops happy, but also when you need a little extra power at the coffee shop, restaurant or in a conference or meeting room.