I am in sunny Florida (eat your hearts out!), but for those of you who are still in or around NY, here’s a chance to escape the Winter Doldrums (I don’t care what they say…it doesn’t look like Spring has sprung in NY) and enter a parallel universe where your kids know what is going on….and you have no idea:  it’s the World of Pokemon, and it’s coming to Rockefeller Center this Saturday. The Journey of Turtwig (click here to see a video)It’s Nintendo’s Pokemon Extravaganza at the Nintendo World Store ( in Rockefeller Plaza) to celebrate the launch of Pokemon Platinum… which must be something else, since it sold a million units in just three days in Japan…

There will be lots of Pokemon costume characters to get your picture taken with.  There will giveaways, and even  a sneak preview of the new Pokemon movie, Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior.


The event will also be highlighted by an interactive Pokemon playground where folks can play minigames with other players around the world…

If you’re brave enough to come in a Pokemon costume (this seems like a better bet for your kids) you may be able to dive into the Pokemon Platinum Plunge – a 10-foot vat of colorful balls – and get a chance to win a Giratina DS Lite (told you it’s like a foreign language – but trust me, your kids will know what this means).  This Giratina thing is particularly cool since only 60 of them will be released in the entire United States.

Sounds like fun to me….and I don’t even know what most of it means! (Is it just me, or does your son  talk about power levels and Pokemon attacks and and Ash, and all that and expect you to know what he means?)

Most important: IT”S ALL FREE!!!

I, of course, will be on the beach, basking in the sun – wearing a hat, SPF 50 sunscreen, and a black, one-piece bathing suit — but still…..

But go – enjoy – it’ll be like traveling to an alternate universe.  Which, when you think about it, is kind of what NYC is anyway!