allergyapparelTomorrow, our family is invited to a party.  Being the Mom of a food allergy 23 month old who cannot yet voice his food allergies, I have always shied away from attending gatherings that did not involve immediate family or close friends who are aware of our needs from the start.   One of my biggest nightmares includes my little guy running up to a stranger, begging “chippy, chippy” while I’m in the restroom, getting it, and needing an immediate dose of an epi-pen.    So, what will make this party different from the ones we have avoided in the past?  Our new shirt from Allergy Apparel!

Beginning tomorrow my guy will be sporting an awesome skull and crossbones shirt similar to the one above customized for his food allergies.  According to the sites founder, the skull and crossbones symbol was chosen because it is known to be associated with poison, which, to my kid, some foods are. 

allergy apparel resizeIn addition to shirts, the site also offers really cool allergy alert jewelry, lunch boxes, backpacks, epi-pen holders and more.  
If his allergies continue, you can rest assured I’m going to get more of these and have him wear them to school, church, anywhere he could potentially come into contact with well-meaning people who just want to give a little boy a snack.  And, maybe, just maybe, this shirt will finally convince my great-aunt that my son can eat wheat, it’s everything else he can’t have!