Everyone has a story about how the unexpected blip in the travel plan turned into a wonderful experience. I hope that happens for me because this summer I am expecting a perfectly imperfect family vacation.  My mother and her husband just sold their house in Kentucky and moved to Florida.  I am happy for them and come this frigid November, I will be ecstatic. However, their timing is cramping my summer plans.Every summer, I take the kids to Kentucky for 2-3 weeks for what I call “grounding” time and we stay at my mom’s house.  Her house becomes our home base and from there we visit relatives who have big farms, friends who have kids to play with and maybe spend a day at Green River Lake.Her house was not in the most convenient location (40 miles from the nearest store) but we could overlook Taylorsville Lake from the jacuzzi on the porch!  And we felt at home.  It was our home away from home. Plus, she had toys (for big and little kids), a playroom, bunk beds and a private room for me!  This year, our friends and family could put us up, but not for 2-3 weeks.  And massive breakage is just waiting to happen at my dad ‘s house, which is filled with antique clocks and glass.I only get to KY to see everyone once a year so I will definitely go this summer and hope that this blip turns into one of those wonderful experiences!Post  your Perfectly Imperfect family vacation or comment on mine in the space below by midnight, May 25, and be entered to win one of two signed copied of Lee Woodruff’s, Perfectly Imperfect.