momsatchristmasAs the colder weather is quickly approaching, I am starting to look for fun inside activities to do with my boys.  A few days ago I took them to our local theater to see the performance of, Babes in Toyland.  I thought this would be a perfect start to get us in the holiday spirit and something they would really enjoy doing together.

I packed a bag full of snacks, added drinks for everyone and a few toys for the baby and off we went. We even indulged in a little Christmas music on the way over hoping this would help keep everyone in good spirits by the time we arrived. My toddler is pretty easy to handle however keeping my 1 yr old occupied for more than 5 minutes is quite challenging at times. What I love about this theater is that they are very kid friendly and encourage you to let your little ones move freely and interactive with one another. This makes it a lot easier on moms {like me} whose little ones don’t always like to be held.

During the performance, the children often become the sound effects or characters in the play and the entire time they are captivated by the actors, scenery and music. Music is a must for us. Unless you have older children, musicals are the way to go with toddlers. Just when I saw my 1 yr old getting restless, a song would come on and instantly he would turn around and start dancing. It was really nice to let them explore and have some unstructured fun.

A few tips:

1. Pre-order your tickets on-line. I have found, especially in the winter months, that the shows sell out quickly. Also, some theaters assign seats so you want to make sure to get as close to the stage as you can. Otherwise, I have found kids will lose interest quickly when it is hard for them to see the stage and the actors.

2. Bring snacks {check with your theater first on their guidelines}. When I can see my boys getting a little restless, sometimes all they need is a little snack to keep them busy and happy.

3. Musicals are the way to go with small children. What child doesn’t like to get up and boogie? It is a great way for them to let loose and have a little kid friendly fun!

4. Bring a camera. The theater we go to allows parents and children to visit with the characters after the play has ended. This is a great time to take a few snapshots of them and the characters – perfect to add to their baby book or photo album.

Bringing theater to your children is a great way to introduce stories, imagination and love for music.