I happened upon this fun new travel book during a recent library trip. Party Across America by Michael Guerriero may not be the most family-friendly travel book, but it is one of the liveliest. The book details 101 unique festivals, celebrations and sporting events in the United States.

I’ve learned about some of these events, like Gilroy, California’s Garlic Fest and Louisville, Kentucky’s Lebowski Fest during my own travels, but this book goes beyond. Way beyond. For example, did you know about the Testicle Festival in Clinton, Montana? Me neither. I don’t plan to attend the August tribute to battered and fried bull testicles, but it might be fun to discuss at my cocktail party.

Speaking of which, Jacksonville, Florida hosts The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party on the last Saturday of October. But perhaps more in line with my role as a mom is the National Hollerin’ Contest in Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina.

The book is organized by region, but also includes a month-by-month summary, a listing by event type and even a few suggested itineraries to hit multiple parties over the course of a single vacation. Party Across America is worth a peek and offers a bit of insight into the various locales even if your trip isn’t timed to hit any of the festivities.


Traveling Education Mom Kim Moldofsky also blogs at Hormone-colored Days.