Packed_DodgeMy family and I are homeless. We packed up everything we need and even really want in the world into our minivan, lease-optioned our house and drove from Indianapolis to San Antonio. Three days driving and visiting friends and family along the way. With three kids in tow.

If that all sounds easy and fun, you’re partly right and mostly not. And that’s not even the end of the journey. We are hanging out at my parents’ house until my visa is ready to move to China. When I was young and single, being homeless and on the move was my regular way of life. I always thought I’d be settled by now, especially after buying a house, but there’s still something liberating even now about distilling all your belongings and moving across the country and world. And I have to thank our old Dodge Caravan for getting us all the way so far with zero problems.

For the kids (twins aged 5 and baby about to turn 1), it’s also a perfect time before they feel the pull of location and strong friendships. I admire their flexibility and adventurous nature and find being homeless so much more enjoyable with my family next to me. Nevertheless, we look forward to eventually settling in China for a time.