For those of you who have never seen a Woody Allen Movie, gone to hear Barbra Streisand perform, or had grandparents who remind you of Billy Crystal when he does his old man schtick, “oy” is “oh boy” with a Jewish accent.

It pretty much describe the way I feel right now.

There are lots of different kinds of travel. Family trips with our kids or romantic rendez-vous without them, business trips and girlfriend getaways. I am on a different kind of trip. I am entering the full-fledged land of the grown up.

Now, I know that’s ridiculous. I may be Ageless Mom, but I have seen forty come and go. Yet I still live in an apartment a twenty year old could love. A hand-me-down here, a poster there, a mismatched set of wine glasses in the kitchen while the wedding gifted Tiffany ones gather dust in the closet.

So this summer, I’m taking the voyage to adult hood. I am getting my own furniture – and losing the hand-me-downs. I am redoing my bathroom – and removing the duct tape that is holding it together. I am rolling up the posters and breaking out the crystal.  And while I’m at it, I’m knocking down the lowered ceilings, re-doing the floors and painting everything.  And I am packing up my life to make it happen.
I have papers to go through, and seven years of artwork by my twins, and thousands of books to decide to keep or donate. I have more handbags than any woman should…many of them truly hideous.
I have shoes galore, and a spice cabinet that looks like I’ve tried every cuisine on the planet. (which I have)

Stuff, is what I have. Stuff, stuff, stuff.

It’s hard to travel with so much stuff. I’ve unloaded plenty – to friends and neighbors, to the thrift shop downtown that raises money to help people Aids and substance abuse issues. But still, there’s all that stuff to pack.

So forgive me if my post is short. Or just short on wit.
I’ve got a life to pack up, a life journey to begin, and the movers come on Monday.