OxFamIt’s no secret that celebrity endorsements work for many brands. And most celebrities are brands themselves. What I most enjoy seeing, though, is when a celebrity uses her name recognition to help support organizations that are working to make the world a better place for those less fortunate.

Although the holiday season has been over for a couple of months and most of us are ready to see a crocus sprout through the feet of snow blanketing our backyards, I still see The Oxfam Collection ads near my home’s bus stops and I smile. I think it’s a brilliant campaign that has just the right dose of creativity in advertising, celebrity endorsements by two outstanding actors (Scarlett Johansson and Minnie Driver) and a great cause.

The campaign spoofs a stereotypical high-fashion advertisement where the “it” designer goods are replaced with livestock including alpacas, goats and chickens. The goal of the ad is to encourage holiday gift givers to consider a gift from OxfamGifts.com as one of the easiest, cleanest, and quickest way to shop for gifts that does good.

I’ve long respected organizations like Oxfam, an international relief and development organization that creates lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice. Oxfam International is a confederation of 14 Oxfams working in more than 90 countries (America is one of them). Unlike some other international relief organizations and similar to those who work in the fair trade world, Oxfam focuses on creating partnerships by working with local communities to create lasting solutions to poverty by helping people address the root causes themselves.

Oxfam also is one of the very few humanitarian organizations that refuses U.S. government funds or money from sources that could compromise its ability to make decisions independently or to speak freely about injustice.

To learn more about Oxfam America, visit www.OxfamAmerica.org.


Peace, -Megy Karydes

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