I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t spend the night far away from home until I was eleven and went to sleepaway camp.But these days, lots of kids as young as 7 are going away to camp.  Seems odd, doesn’t it, when everyone accuses our generation of parents of being overbaring and overprotective?Just a thought.ANYWAY – my nine year old twins are going on the third grade overnight this coming week.  One night only, in a campsite, in Upstate NY.At the pre-trip parent meeting, some parents brought up their concerns:–Was there security?Ummm. No.  It’s a campsite, in the middle of the woods.–Was there a buddy system?Well, not that either.  There were three teachers to every ten kids and they figured that they had it covered.–Were the teachers sleeping in the bunks with the kids?Strike three!!Did all of this make me worry?  Sure it did.  It made me worry that I’m a lousy parent, because it NEVER occured to me to ask ANY of those questions.  The school said they were taking them, I said ‘How long?”Maybe it’s because I’m lax.  Maybe it’s because other people worry too much.  Or maybe  it’s because, as a Traveling Mom, any trip anyone in my family takes is a good one.Next week, maybe I’ll let you know how it went.  Hopefully, I won’t be saying they were robbed, they got lost, and the teachers went out partying and never returned.Just a thought.