Holidays in the Poconos! We couldn’t take it any longer. The ghost town that our community turned into when public schools closed for holiday break this week finally became unbearable. We have confirmed  by phone and/or FaceBook that the supposed economic crisis is either a figment of our imagination or only affecting our incomes alone…(at least where I live because ninety percent of our town has flown their entire family of five, first class to either:  Bali with a side trip to BoraBora or to their ski mansion in Montana or Elite Baseball Camp to personal train with Cal Ripken Jr for the week).  After 3 days of 3 teenagers whining in 3 different, yet equally irritating tones of voices, we had to GET OUT.   “Mom, wait until the commercial” crossed with “I can’t go outside and play when there’s no one to play with” divided by “There’s nothing to do,” multiplied by “Let’s go somewhere” with a refrain of “I don’t care where” was going to drive me crazy.  So instead, we drove to the Poconos.We piled into the car with every electronic device smaller than a bread basket for a few days of family skiing. Skiing just seemed safer than staying home one minute longer.  That’s how desperate I was.  But I’m not skiing  NOT because I’m really bad at it but because I’ve got a severe case of the “I don’t feel like its” (although I do admit that skiing is probably NOT the first activity I should reintroduce my new hip joint to, especially with my inability to stay upright on my skis for more than thirty seconds).  The “I don’t feel like its” is common with both kids and adults, but especially with teenagers.  In the fitness world it peaks in December.For me, after spending a month of eating holiday party foods (creamy artichoke dip to start), I am supposed to be away from the fireplace, out of the ski lodge and down in the fitness center doing leg abductions. And, Folks, I know exactly what my fitness advice would be to myself about exercising on vacation if I were ever to become smart enough to listen to my own rants.    

There is only one way to overcome the “I don’t feel like its” when it comes to fitness and NIKE said it best:      JUST DO IT.                                                       

Put aside all the thinking.  Pick one single task to start with and go.  “Feeling Like It” will soon show it peppy self if you can just get moving. I don’t feel like it is a downward spiraling energy drain and the one thing people need to reverse it is to get moving, as impossible as that sometimes seems. Here is a way of looking at an energy cycle: Build it up, use it up, restore it.  Repeat.   But if we do not have an energy store built up, we need ACTION (that’s the single task I told you, I mean me, to pick) which acts as a catalyst to being motivated which leads to energy, which jump-starts the cycle in a more productive direction.  So that you can make more energy for the next round.  Anyone care to join me for a couple sets of leg lifts?