artskinMarcChagallIt’s that time of year again…time to throw the family in the car and visit all the people we miss all year long. As a mom to four and baby planner for BottlestoBritches, I’m familiar with the challenges of traveling with a little one and know the journey isn’t always easy.

Well, we have some great gadgets to make that road trip a little more tolerable for everyone. Check out the gadgets and then, if you want a chance to win the whole bundle, leave us a comment below with your best advice for traveling with kids. You have until December 13th to enter!

Side impact protection offered in this car seat.

Safety 1st Air Car SeatIt’s the last thing you want to think about when you’re in the car with your kids—an accident. But, as millions of families hit the road, it’s going to happen to someone. Make sure your little ones have the most protection possible. These days, that means technology that offers protection in case of a side impact crash. Dorel Juvenile Group, a global car seat manufacturer, has developed such a car seat and we have one to give away! It’s the Safety 1st Complete Air car seat and it puts a layer of air protection around a child’s head. You can visit to learn more and leave a comment below for your chance to win one!

BabbaCoverIf you have a really little one and want to protect them from the elements when you’re carrying them in an infant car seat, The BabbaCover needs to come with you. It helps block the baby from wind, sun and cold while at the same time being extremely trendy and fun. It’s ideal when you’re on-the go, creating a nice nap-time environment for your infant. And did I mention it’s really pretty? Check it out at and win one on us!


BuggyguardsThe Buggyguard locks for your stroller. When you get where you’re going, make sure you take your stroller with you so you’re not lugging the baby around on your hip the whole time. And when you may need to park it for a minute to go into a restroom or restaurant, don’t just leave the buggy outside—lock it up, just like you do with a bicycle. The Buggyguard Stroller-lock lets you secure your stroller to a stationary object (i.e. park bench, tree or light pole), or to itself by locking its wheels in place. And the designs are adorable—pick between a panda, monkey or pig. Go to for more info and win one here.

Children working with the Discovery Kit.The Discover Electronics Kit. Maybe your kids are older and need something to keep them occupied on the trip once you get where you’re going. Try the Sparkle Labs Discover Electronics Kit. It’s a smart, easy to understand and educational toy that teaches children about electronics and electricity (in a fun way). The electronics kit provides real electronics and easy to understand instructions, allowing your children to make their own fun DIY projects (and I bet the grandparents will want a piece of this action!). The kit contains switches, buttons, capacitors, transistors, regulators and more. It has easy to use diagrams to help make the kids’ creations come to life. The Discover Electronics Kit are available online at website but you can win one here.

Pocket RefereeThe Pocket Referee can eliminate backseat squabbles.When I used to travel with my brothers and sisters, fights were just part of the trip. My mother built countless “invisible brick walls” between us. Now, forget that and call in a referee. The Pocket Referee helps your kids to learn how to settle their disagreements with this remarkably simple tool. Whoever’s turn it is to have the coin has a choice – to get your way on the current decision, which means giving up the coin to your sibling for the next choice, or letting your sibling have their way now and keeping the coin for the next thing that comes up. It’s a win-win situation for all! Each coin comes with a protective pouch and handy carrying clip. for more and leave a comment for your chance to win.

Pogo Touch ScreenTouchscreen Pogo games updated from our past. This might keep the kids busy playing instead of arguing. Remember the cool games you had as a kid like Battleship, Connect 4, Yahtzee, Solitaire, and Scrabble? These days, Hasbro is taking them on the road in electronic handheld versions. And check this out–these new games have touch screens, bringing the games to life right in the palm of your hand! Just slide out the stylus and start playing! Now that’s a game I can see putting in the backpack for my kids that I might just pull out and play myself. We have one Scrabble touchscreen game to give you.

And since we’re talking about cool high tech toys, how about a neat new cover for your, iPod or laptop? The Artskins protective coating is a slick new cover to get the job done. It’s easy to apply or remove (but why would you want to remove it?), fights scratches and is just the right size for your gadgets. Check it out at and win one in our giveaway.

LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone and iPod Wouldn’t it be nice to leave the laptop behind when you hit the road, but still be able to work if you have to? Here’s an option to make that possible. LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone and iPod touch is an application that makes the iPhone the ultimate productivity tool for the on-the-go parent. Traveling iPhone owners can “leave the laptop at home” in favor of their Apple devices because Ignition provides instant, easy and secure access to virtually any internet-connected computer. This app lets you access and work on your remote computers as if you were sitting right in front of them. Users can open, access and use programs that “live” on a desktop, laptop or even a server (e.g., accounting, payroll, graphic design, word processing, etc.), as well as view and edit documents, presentations, emails, photos and more. Additional information, including a video demonstration is available at We have one app to give to a winner.

Great stuff, huh? If you want a chance to win, leave your comment below on how to make traveling with kids easier. We’ll be giving these great products away on the 14th, so leave a comment by midnight on the 13th! Only one comment permitted. Thanks and good luck…and enjoy your trip!

By Desiree Miller, Traveling News Mom, Premier Baby Planner