Biking the Brooklyn BridgeThe best way to end a day of bike riding — and eating — in New York City? Spend an evening at Colin Cowie’s penthouse sipping Pear Wonder drinks and eating his mom’s sausage rolls.

My working hours were spent biking in Brooklyn. We started at 83rd & Riverside, made our way over the Brooklyn Bridge and ended at Coney Island. It was an up-close tour of Brooklyn neighborhoods including Brighton Beach, Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights, all at the suggestion of a friend.

We stopped to smell the flowers along the way. Well, eat the pastries is more accurate. Baked is a bakery in Brooklyn made famous by Oprah and its own cookbook. We sampled a few things and two of us chose the granola parfait as the grand prize winner (you can buy Baked granola to take home).

Perma fruit stand in Coney IslandFrom there, we ventured on to Brighton Beach and stopped for Borscht, olives and coffee. After that, we sampled the fruit at Pempa fruit and veggie stand where everything was fresh and cheap. Last, we bought nuts and Russian candies at Gold Label for $2.99/lb. There was a suggested bike route back but the subway looked too enticing.

We ended our day with a visit to Colin Cowie, the British American lifestyle guru and party planner to the stars. Like Kelly Ripa, Cowie is an influencer for Electrolux.

He welcomed a group of bloggers and journalists into his newly built home with a Pear Wonder drink and then a tour of his entertainment room, den, dining area and kitchen. Exquisitely designed with a nautical feel and meticulously decorated, the place is a gorgeous display of expertly utilized space and taste.

Colin introduced us to his mother’s sausage rolls and several other quick entertaining ideas. Bottom line: make extra and freeze (he boasted of 24 chickens in his freezer at any give time) and be creative. Colin made funky shaped ice cubes, some with sliced pears to add flair to the cocktails.

Of course, his place was outfitted with Electrolux everything: oven, fridge, wine fridge, dishwasher and stove. The oven got oohs and ahhs when he demonstrated the gliding racks.