March 2008: I spent the whole weekend at the NY Times Travel Show scouring for great family trips.  Sure, a lot of hotels and destinations SAID they had great stuff for families but it usually wound up being another resort with a kid’s camp.  What is up with that?

  How can these travel companies NOT pay attention to moms who control 70% of household spending?  We took our kids on 208.4 million trips last year.  That means we endured “Are We There Yet? at least”  516 million times b/c kids always ask more than once.

Check back for the TMOM Travel Show MLTE (Making Life’s Trips Easier) Awards.  I have to sift thru the mountain of biz cards I collected to find the gems.  I do remember Perillo Tours (Italy) scoffing at my request for information about family travel in Italy.  They were totally unconcerned and unwilling to help me find an appropriate hotel for families going to Rome.    

One highlight:  I learned how to make a tasty lamb knuckles dish from Oprah’s own Colin Cowie.