If you hear a strange, loud buzzing sound coming from the last stall in the ladies’ room, please ignore it – it’s just me and my breast pump. Every time I travel, I end up searching for a private place to pump. On my last trip, I forgot to pack batteries and had to narrow down my hideouts to places with electrical outlets. The second day, I discovered a private bathroom located in a nearly deserted hallway where I could pump and very few people would be the wiser – that is, until an event filled the meeting room directly across the hall.

My next move was asking at the front desk if there might be a place I could go – and they delivered. I was able to secure a nice spot in the spa lounge where I could sit and leaf through fashion and gossip magazines, alone, in private, with soothing spa music playing in the background (or as much as I could hear of it over that buzzing sound).

If you’re ever stuck and need a private place to pump, ask at the front desk or customer service desk – and try to ask when there’s a woman working. Most likely, they can secure a good location that you might otherwise not know about. Or if the hotel has a pool or gym, check out the locker room for a quiet corner or empty stall. While you’re there, grab a towel or two – breast pumps can be loud!