SandeGreetings: I am thrilled to be the new member of this network and am bubbling over with tons of information that I want to share with all the other Pet Moms. And Dads, too, cuz I know our Dad would be very upset to not be a part of information-gathering for activities for our furry son.Not to mention self-esteem issues since there are no Traveling Pet Dads blogs out there. So Pet Dads, step forward with Mom and listen up!

I think one of the most important pieces of information that I could pass on to you is a website that has been our life-saver for us in many instances and has saved us numerous hours of research and phone calls. This website is called It is a website that is continually growing (thank goodness!) and is updated on a regular basis, unlike many websites that I’m sure we have all experienced where the information can be as old as the green stuff in my refrigerator and sometimes, a little older! This website is a nationwide list of hotels, hotel chains, motels, motel chains, resorts and B & B’s that accept pets on their premises. Talk about a score!

We have traveled across this country with our little guy and let me tell you. There is nothing more frustrating than not being welcome at facility after facility because you are traveling with a pet. One almost feels like you’re making the trek to Bethlehem and there is no room at the inn for you and your “little one” in swaddling designer doggie duds. When you’ve got the info straight up front, you can just swoop right in, Fido in tow, and be confident that you’re okay, they’re okay with you, and everything is okay. Planning is key.

There is an extremely nominal annual fee to be a member of this website, but it is well worth it. I would never let them know this, but I would pay them $100 for this information, but I think it’s only about ten bucks for the year. Trust me. If you like traveling with your little canine companions and your fab feline friends, this is the website for you. Some facilities even offer “pet sitters” while you go out and see the sites or decide to do some fine dining versus the bag and bucket meals we are often relegated to because leaving our pals in the rooms can sometimes be a problem. So check it out. You’ll be amazed!

More great info to come and hope we can all share some delightful stories about our “childrens.”  ‘Member, just say Arf.