BlueManGroupThe new Blue Man Group show is very much like the old Blue Man Group show—and that’s a very good thing. You’ll still find all of the laugh-out-loud funny bits—the Twinkie skit with the poor, unwitting audience member is a favorite of mine—with the addition of some contemporary iPad and texting humor in the way that only those three blue men could do it.

I saw the new show at a press preview of the new show at the Briar Street Theater on Chicago’s north side. The same updated and tweaked show is already on stage in New York and Boston. The blue men of Orlando and Las Vegas still are running the old show, but will get these updates sometime, Blue Man Group officials said.

Blue Man Group2If you’ve never seen a Blue Man Group show, take the kids and go. This is one of those rare shows that works on many levels—subtle humor for adults and great sight gags for kids. Got a tween or teen? This is the family bonding experience you’ve been looking for.

If you have seen the show in the past, you’ll recognize many of the bits—the yellow and red paint splashing out of the drums, the rock concert dance instructions, the marshmallow toss into the mouth. Honestly, though, I’ve seen the show three times (twice in Chicago and once in Orlando) and I never get tired of it. The looks shared by the muted blue men, the lighting, the staging and the tight choreography—not to mention the fabulous drumming—are endlessly entertaining.