exploration_cardsEvery kid imagines that one day, he’ll go on great expeditions, she’ll climb mountains, or sail the world.  For most kids, that will only happen in their imagination.  But National Geographic Kids is giving every kid a chance to be part of  a real expedition.

National Geographic Kids and the National Geographic Society are inviting kids to create a flag to fly on a National Geographic ship during the Ocean Now expedition in 2010. The winning creation will be hoisted on the research ship whose mission is to help protect the ocean and sea creatures.

Think about it- if your kid wins, he or she will a part of something truly exciting, important, and unique in the world: A world class oceanic voyage all about saving the sea.

“As we continue our expeditions in 2010, we hope to engage children in the dialogue about conservation and inspire them to enjoy and care for the ocean,” said renowned ocean researcher (and contest judge)  Enric Sala. “We need everyone’s help, but children are especially important. The future of the ocean depends on their involvement now and throughout their lives.”


Find out more about the contest at  http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/contests/Ocean-flag-contest The Ocean Flag Contest is open to kids ages 8 to 14 and will be judged by renowned ocean researcher who will pick their top ten designs.  Then the contest will be turned over to kids, who will vote online for the winner.

Even if you aren’t going anywhere exotic this holiday season, your child can be part of a fantastic voyage. (Contest runs through February 20, 2010. Click here for details on how to enter.)