Miami-South-BeachHubby and and I have been dreaming about this event for weeks. The plan was to go to South Beach, sit outside a crowded restaurant in the beautiful sunshine watch the game while sipping on planters punch. Maybe not quite in that order but something like that. I love making my date nights into mini vacations.

If you are a mom of mini people under 2, any 2 hours away is a vacation!  So Sunday we decide to take the hour and a half drive down to vacation central SOUTH BEACH!  Its was nice and sunny here in Palm Beach so I didn’t see the need to check what the weather would be like in Miami.

So we stop by the gas station filled up the tank, got a 5hour energy drink (so disgusting blech..) and head down Miami, Nice ride until we made it to South Beach eww! it was pouring! Bars are packed, people are trying to get out of there. We could even find empty parking spot on the side of the road. You never find empty parking spot on the side of the road in South Beach NEVER! So we decide to head back cause there’s no way I was gonna get my hair wet. The minute we left Miami it wasn’t raining anymore, so we decide to stop by the Hard Rock in Fort Lauderdale! (I so wasn’t gonna waste my precious free babysitting time)

We made it to the Hard Rock took picture, walk around for little bit, I went into this fancy store and try on a $900 corset uhm sexy! Totally out of my price range, but it all about feeling like a tourist on vacation. After my fake shopping we hit a sea food place where they had an all you can eat crab legs. I loooooooove crab legs! I eat crab leg in my sleep, I have crab legs dreams, I can eat crab legs for hours until my husband is disgusted! I crunch on crab legs until my mouth goes numbs… ok I think you get the idea I love crabs! So I eat some crabs had a drink and even went gambling! LOL

OK. I’m a penny pincher so gambling isn’t really thing but my husband dare me (I never walk away from a dare) So I pull out a $20 slide it into the machine, lost most of it then BANG! I hear the *ting ting ting* I made $30.76 I scream like a fat kid in a chocolate factory, people around thought I hit the jackpot! It was nothing but $30.76 but I win! and cash out! pfft I wasn’t gonna sit there and lose my money. Anyway if anyone ask what did I do on my “vacation”? Well I went (fake) Shopping, savor great South Florida sea food and I went gambling!

[English accent] It was full of adventure!