My biggest concern before moving to Antigua, Guatemala that there won’t be any activities for my son to enjoy after school. Since I work fulltime, even if it’s at home, I hate the fact that my son could spend half the day watching TV while I’m working. And, the level of nanny help is very uneducated, since the  majority of the Maya ladies don’t have an education above 4th grade and that’s the highly educated. Most don’t read or write, so I couldn’t leave him with someone who couldn’t stimulate him enough.

So the quest was on! However, I have hit the motherload. The amount of activities that do exist here are so many that we don’t even have time to do them all!

The government supplements the majority of the activities here. So check out what we found:

Gymnastics, every day 3-4:30 pm – $3 a month

Climbing, my husband is a rock climber and they offer this here for him and my son – $2 each per month, 3 times a week

Karate, 3 times a week – $3 a month, we actually had to give this one up

Art and Painting class, 2 times a week – $2.50 a month

I even wonder why they charge. I feel the process of the payment and the people hired to take the money, is more than the actual fee of all the kids participating.

Needless to say, I’m truly enjoying living here and my son is fully occupied!

Marina K. Villatoro has been living in Central America for over 7 years and her site Travel Experta is all about traveling in Central America. Marina loves to help people plan the perfect vacation to this amazing part of the world!