• My family didn’t grow up with a lot of money, but every single year, we went on vacation at least once.  From sleeping on Amtrak sleeping car floors heading down to Walt Disney World (my dad worked for Amtrak), to driving to Florida (without stopping over to sleep!), we did it all to save money and go on quality family vacations!

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve asked my mom, Paula Fontes, for her top money-saving suggestions for vacationing families who don’t have endless amounts of money.  Here are her top tips:

  • As soon as you know your travel destination and preferred travel dates, start researching flights.  While my family rarely flew when I was a child, I have been witness to the number of times my parents check flight prices.  They check daily, sometimes multiple times per day.  When they find a good price, they jump on it!
  • Instead of renting things like beach umbrellas and strollers, consider purchasing them cheaply and giving them to someone else when you are ready to leave.  This is primarily for longer vacation stays, when it’s cheaper to buy than rent.
  • Don’t eat all of your meals out.  Instead, consider purchasing small breakfast items, as well as coffee, milk, and juice, to keep in your room and eat.  Also, when on the go, each small lunches also.  Larger lunches can take away from your vacation time!

Thanks to my mom for these great tips!  Do you have any other tips you remember from your childhood?  Leave me a comment!