Oprah always asks her interviewees “What do you know for sure?” and Barbara Walters has her signature question whatever it is.  I have one too.  When I interview a TravelingMom, I ask for her vomit story [diarrhea is also acceptable].  Could be about a kid vomiting, the dog, whatever.  But inevitably, when it comes to travel, everyone has a vomit story.  Moms can bond over vomit.  Funny thing is that I really did not have one.  Til now.My 8 y/o stayed home today because his stomach hurt.  You guessed it – intestinal flu for those of you who don’t like the D word.  He feels terrible, looks pitiful and asked me not to leave his side all day (including bathroom trips).  He is very upset that I am going to Baltimore tomorrow for 2 nights.  It would have hurt less if he had ripped my heart out and danced on top of it.  He was only impressed for 2 seconds that I will be going with the World’s Fastest Talking Woman, Fran Capo.I did get to squeeze in a good life lesson, though – thanks to diarrhea.  He asked WHY I had to go on this trip.  I told him it was for work but also b/c even though I love my mom job, I like to see new places and it is good for me to do adult things some times.His response:  “Oh.”